ECoBHAS Bridge in Trebinje © Mike Pugh Zenica Steelworks © Mike Pugh Queen Mary, Univerity of London

EU Compliance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia

an ahrc-funded project on eu compliance

The Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK) has funded this three-year project to examine issues related to compliance with European Union (EU) environmental standards in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Serbia, two states that are potential candidate countries for the EU. The principal investigator of the research is Dr Adam Fagan (Reader, Politics), who is based at Queen Mary, University of London.

The project on EU Compliance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia (ECoBHAS) will not only look at the transposition of European environmental law into local legislation, but also examine whether European funding (e.g. IPA and CARDS) for environmental issues contributes to building capacity for local governance.

The investigators in the ECoBHAS project will employ an array of social scientific methodologies, including interviews, questionnaires and quantitative analyses. The primary data will be collected from case studies from Bosnia-Herzegovina and from Serbia.

Arts & Humanities Research Council
Research project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK) - Grant app. no. 127796